Piano tuner recommendation

Many people have been asking me for piano tuner recommendations. If you're in need of tuning or repairs for your instrument, I cannot speak highly enough of Jason Klinke. He's done all of the work on my pianos over the…

Meet our newest teacher

Starting this week, Katie Sokolowski will joining the family at MSOM. Let us know right away if you're interested in taking voice, violin, or piano lessons with Katie.

Katie Sokolowski is currently a senior at West Chester University…


FREE show at Kennett Flash!

LOWDOWN BRASS BAND come to Kennett Square November 1st for a FREE SHOW presented by The Hadley Fund & The Kennett Flash! Please RSVP via The Kennett Flash website. Limit two tickets per person. 

LowDown Brass Band will perform…


Music venues in Kennett Square

Many people think that they have to travel to the city to hear great music, but really there is a ton of stuff happening right in our back yard. For example, check out this article about venues in Kennett Square…


Teacher performance

Dave will be playing with the Tap Room Trio this Friday night in West Chester. Bar Avalon on Gay Street, 8-11pm. Bring the kids or make it a date night, all ages welcome.

MSOM now offers violin lessons

We are very excited to introduce our newest teacher at the Mattock School of Music, Brian Fitzgerald.   The definition of a multi-instrumentalist, Brian teaches violin, electric violin, voice, guitar, drums, bass, song-writing, beat-boxing and looping. As a performer, he…