When comparing the price of lessons at other schools, we recommend that you consider some of the following: Are the teachers experienced, or are they new to the field? Are they up to date on modern music and education, or are they stuck in the past? Does it really help you to have lessons in your home, or does going to a separate location actually make the lessons better?

Recording class

Want to learn how to record music? Have some gear but want to really refine your skills? This is the class for you. Our nine-hour, three session recording class will walk you through the basics of recording, signal flow, mic placement, editing, mixing and many more aspects of studio work, giving you the ability to record your own music at home.  

Anyone interested in recording music. Total beginners welcome, but those with experience will have plenty of opportunities to learn more advanced techniques.

Condensed classes over three days. Two hour session Friday, five hours Saturday, and two hours on Sunday. Check registration form for available dates. . 

What you get:
Specialized instruction in recording techniques from an experienced studio owner and producer. Access to our beautiful recording area, including use of our many mics, instruments, mixing station and several different recording programs. Dates are set, but if you miss a class you can always pick it up again during the next session. 
Fee: $180 per weekend

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Rock camp

We are happy to announce that we are bringing back our Rock Band Camp.  Sign up with your current band or be placed in a band with others of similar age and experience. Master your original songs or learn how to play your favorites.  Record your band at the end of each week in a professional recording studio setting. Performance opportunities available. Take home a copy of your recordings at the end of the session.  

Students of all ages and various levels from intermediate to advanced. Groups will be formed based on instrumentation, age, and skill level. Instructors will be assigned based on the instrumentation and interests of the group (example: A guitar-driven band interested in heavy metal would have a different instructor than a piano-driven singer-songwriter band).

Rock camp is three hours long each day for 5 days the weeks July 13th and 20th.
Two sessions per day at 9:00am and 1:00pm.

What you get:
Individual instruction on your instrument.
Group instruction.
Master classes with visiting instructors.
Professional recording of band complete with CD and online streaming ability.
$265 per student per session.
10% for students signing up for multiple sessions.
10% discount for bands signing up as a group (discount applied to everyone in the group)

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Jazz Camp

What: Students learn how to improvise solos (jam) in various jazz & blues styles on their instrument.
Instruments accepted: Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Baritone, Mallet Percussion, Keyboard/Piano, Electric Bass, and Guitar. Drums and upright bass for intermediate jazz camp. 

Any musician in 4th through 12th grade.(Students are placed into sessions by grade level or ability level.)

Beginnger Summer Jazz camp is two hours long each day for five days the week of June 22nd
 Session 1:    8:30am - 10:30am  graduating 4th graders (beginners)
 Session 2:  11:00am -   1:00pm  advanced graduating 4th graders, graduating 5th graders
 Session 3:    1:30pm -   3:30pm  advanced graduating 5th graders and middle school musicians

Intermediate Summer Jazz camp is three hours long each day for five days the week of June 29th
 Session 1:    8:30am - 11:30am  graduating 6th and 7th graders 
 Session 2:    12:30pm -   3:30pm  graduating 8th graders and high school students

What you get:
In addition to learning how to improvise in various jazz styles, each student will receive:
Two books (each level has different books)
Digital recordings of live concert from last day and recordings from through out the camp.
Sheet music of jazz scales, exercises, and "riffs".  

$155 for new students ($35 of that fee is for the 2 jazz books)
$125 for returning jazz campers that STILL have their books from last year. 
Registration is due by: June 3rd

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Online lessons

Using the same teachers and concepts of our in-person lessons, we are also happy to offer online lessons for students who for one reason or another cannot come to our studio. Lessons are offered in 30, 45, and 60 minute intervals, and scheduling is at the discretion of the teacher and student. Lessons will be conducted using Skype or Facetime.

Available lesson intervals:
30 minute lesson: $33
45 minute lesson: $48
60 minute lesson: $65

Group lessons

The group setting is ideal for adult beginners who are looking for a stress free, fun environment in which they can learn about music as well as interact with other interested adults. We offer group lessons in ten week semesters starting the first week of March, June and September. Each class of the ten is an hour long and consists of between 4-6 adult students. Beginner and intermediate level classes are both offered depending on enrollment. Beginner classes will focus on technique, note reading, ear training, and duet and group playing. Intermediate level class will continue the education given in the first semester while adding more repertoire based on the interests of the students. End goal is to give students a start to their musical interests in a non-traditional setting. Although group participation requires a certain amount of input from every member, no students are forced to perform in front of others if they do not want to. Many opportunities are provided for students to learn in "private" (ie with headphones at a keyboard or practice at home) as well as in the group setting. Group lessons are designed to be a safe place for beginner and intermediate students to learn and have fun with music.

$200 per student for ten week session
One hour long weekly class
Class size is between 4-6 people.

For exact start dates and to enroll, fill out the registration form.