Private Lessons

We offer private in person and virtual lessons with our professional instructors who are highly skilled in teaching as well as being professional performing musicians.  We tailor the lessons to the students' needs and desires using a mixture of traditional methods and modern techniques.  Students will learn the correct techniques for playing their instruments while learning both standard repertoire and current music.  Students will have the opportunity to learn how to read music, transcribe music from recordings and compose.  All ages and skill levels welcome. We also offer bi-annual optional recitals, the ability to record, and the opportunity to play with other students.

Register for lessons here.

Available lesson intervals:
30 minute lesson: $39
45 minute lesson: $58.50
60 minute lesson: $78

First consultation meeting is free if you don't continue.


We believe that for many students, private lessons are only half the process in learning how to play an instrument. Sometimes, it's a mean to end, with the end goal to be able to play in a group setting. With that in mind, we offer instructor led ensembles of various styles of music. All groups meet weekly with their instructor, typically for 8-10 week sessions, before a culminating live performance or recording session. Groups are divided into both ages and experience levels. There are also groups exclusively for adults. Ensembles that have been offered include rock band, jazz band, string quartet, string trio, wind ensemble, ukulele band, and au Capela group.  We are always open to new ideas as well, and with an amazing faculty that is able to handle most requests, we welcome suggestions. 

Ensembles are offered in the fall, winter and spring, as well one-week versions in the summer. Detailed dates and times can be found at classes. All registrations for ensembles are done via the form at registrations


Recording studio

Fall of 2023, Mattock School of Music is excited to announce the opening of S2, our recording studio housed inside of MSOM. 

The recording studio at MSOM serves several purposes. First and foremost, it is a space where students can learn the art of audio engineering, with classes and lessons offered year round. Secondly, it is a fully staffed, professional recording studio for clients looking for a great environment to bring their art to life. And last, it is available for rental to engineers who need a bigger space, or equipment that they do not own.

Our main studio room is 600 square feet with amazing acoustics and an incredible “vibe”. There are also two isolation rooms, one equipped with a 5'10" Baldwin grand piano, and the other housing a Yamaha stage custom drum set as well as a 1965 Hammond B3 and matching Leslie speaker. The main lobby of the school serves as a great hang out space between takes, with a fully functional kitchen, and there are several other rooms for rehearsal and relaxation. For more information about classes and rentals, click here.

Piano tunings, repairs and rentals

We are happy to collaborate with Klinke Music LLC for all of your piano tuning and maintenance needs. Jason Klinke is an amazing piano tech, a wonderful musician, and an all around great guy. He's the only person we trust to work on our pianos, and we highly recommend the same to you. If you'd like to schedule a tuning, please fill out the form below. 

We also have a limited number of instruments for rent at MSOM. They include but are not limited to saxophones, flutes, trumpets, violins, ukuleles, guitars, keyboards, and drums. All rentals are $25 per month. Rentals are for current students only. We are also connected with several instrument repair shops that we trust and who give us discounted rates. For rentals or repairs, please fill out the form below and we'll contact your shortly to discuss the details. 



In addition to lessons, ensembles, and group lessons, we also offer a variety of arts related classes. Some of these are recurring weekly and bi-weekly classes, while others are single events dedicated to a particular topic. Some of our current and past classes include:

Audio engineering

Beat Making

Music history lectures

Instrument maintenance and repairs

Vinyl listening sessions

Wine and painting class

Lego club

Acting class

Toddler music classes